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creative pathfinding

from coast to coast

born and raised in south florida, in a colombian-american household. my whole life i've been trying to find the right path to pursue. my dad moved my family to alabama and opened a recording studio and record label. i helped him with marketing and content creation including shooting music videos for the studio artists. 

around the age of 18 i founded apothecary distribution. a supplement, hemp/cbd, and e-cig manufacturing and distribution company. i managed the entire company, overseeing top level strategy, all of our marketing, company and product branding, advertising, client outreach, etc.

around 2021 i picked up my first camera from a photographer friend and hit the ground running. i racked up over a hundred paid jobs and even more personal projects in just my first year.

after taking several trips to LA i decided i wanted to move. new years of 2022 i drove across the country to explore new places, people, and passions. i found my way into the entertainment industry, continued scaling my craft and brand.

Since then, I've continued growing my freelance career along with starting a full on marketing agency called new leaf. we handle social media management, branding services, and more for brands all over north america.

i, andrew

I'm a 23 year old photographer / creative in

Los Angeles, CA. I'll capture your moment like no one else. We'll make something that actually feels like you.

photo of photographer andrew stevenson / @iandrewstevenson a photographer in los angeles, ca
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